Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a new year and we all look forward to doing a better job  and being  more successful. Starting this blog has been very educational and fun. And a bit of an ego trip, I get to pontificate on any automotive subject . If only someone else was reading this! I have plans to improve the content of the blog, I know that I have to post more pictures. At least enough to generate some interest. I would really like to post some DYI articles but I have realized that there is a lot of work involved. Taking step by step photos and including the narrative. Some of the areas I would like to cover are:

building your own custom grill, building a matching tail light panel, building your own console, and adding styling elements such as striping and other accents.

Detailing that cheap paint job. I still have to do something about my door jambs and under the hood and trunk lid.

Detailing and  finishing your trunk, motor and underhood areas

There are some topics I want to cover such as:

Choosing  an overall  theme for the design of your car.  Keep the looks consistent.
buying take off and used tires and wheels:  Running with the M.U.T.T.s ( mismatched, used, tightwad treads)

Six cylinder versus V8. Is a V8 swap always desirable or necessary.

Drum brakes versus disc brakes. This has been a very interesting area to research. Everybody knows that drum brakes suck, right?  Old cars couldn't stop for beans  Driving an old car with manual drums is scary and dangerous, sure, that's what everyone says. But is it really true?  My research turns up some surprising info. Even some contemporary articles on drum brake to disc brake  conversions include  stopping distances that are at odds with historical record.

Improving your drum brake system. There are options that can  make a significant improvement in drum brake performance.

Looking for a good deal on your next hobby car, There are many desirable  models that can be bought in good well maintained condition for around 5,000.00. Recently I have found  Jaguars, Mercedes Benz, Corvettes, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Lexus and Acura models at reasonable prices. These cars I've seen are in very good shape and only need minor TLC and an appreciative owner.

My posting has been spotty. I've had problems with my computer and I would rather spend money on my car instead of electronics.

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