Friday, April 1, 2016

While I think that the XJS is a fantastic car, my example is a two seat version. This makes a lot of sense as the rear seat is replaced by a storage locker, with a luggage rack. It's not like anyone over the age of six could fit in the back anyway. I did manage to cram myself in the back of that H/E convertible when I was considering it. So this car is not going to be real practical but it does have a good sized trunk. The trunk is much bigger than that of my 1996 Mustang convertible, and it has a much bigger opening. There is plenty of room for luggage for two for an extended trip, but it is not for carrying cargo. My wife likes to go go to flea markets and antique shows looking for all kinds of little (or not) treasures to redo and resell. We used to deal a lot in furniture which meant I had to take my truck everywhere we went. Luckily for me she has decided to concentrate on smaller items. We have brought home some fairly large items in the backseat of the Mustang with the top down. My kid's favorite story concerns our 2007 Mustang coupe and a three ft. model ferris wheel that she bought in Camarillo. Somehow I rearranged all the luggage  and my kids had to ride in the back seat with it on the four hour ride home.

See, the XJS can hold quite a bit. And there is still room behind the seats.

My fleet at the time consisted of three Mustangs, the XJS and my F150. I really didn't have a car to carry many passengers, although we hardly ever have the need as our kids are grown up. My grown up daughter who lives at home really doesn't like to go anywhere with us.

Still, I felt the need for a roomier car, with a bigger trunk, and a backseat we could carry either passengers or stuff. And I have honestly begun to miss having a "plush car". I had mostly driven Cadillac for years. My last Cad was a 1994 Seville STS. That was a nice car. My wife loved driving that car. The 1970 Mustang was a dead man walking, I was eager to sell it to get some money to fix my XJS. Since I was going to be down a car, maybe I should look for something else to use in the interim. I thought about a nice used Ford Expedition but who needs two trucks? (I actually had two trucks for a while. I lent my old 1966 F250 to my brother who used it while remodeling his house.) I figured why not kill two birds with one stone? I'll get something more practical, more plush, and dare I say, more Jaguar? Why the hell not!

Why yes Old Man, This will do quite nicely. God save the Queen!


  1. I approve! But then, I would, wouldn't I? My XJ-S never ran poorly, it just failed a lot early on; which both gave me a taste for The Jaguar Vibe and, frustratingly, couldn't be relied on to get me where I was going and back without either stranding me (twice) or self destructing. Our X300 is the Vanden Plas but in the "short" wheel base, which is still pretty long. Between that, which my wife has adopted as her "Rich white lady car" (her words, not mine) and my '84 XJ6, we never have to do without enjoying The Jaguar Vibe. It's an addiction, I suppose but after a week in Colorado visiting friends and driving a 2016 Toyota Camry, I couldn't have been happier to sink my not-so-slender form into the seats of my XJ6 for the drive to work yesterday.

    1. Hello Rhett. I am so pleased to have you visit my blog and offer a comment on my musings. I am learning a lot and hope to improve my blog over time. I have been driving my XJ6 a lot and really enjoy the vibe of this car. I plan some more postings on the progress of my XJS as I replace the transmission.

  2. Oh yes, the Ferris Wheel ride was comfortable. Right up there with the "flow through ventilation" trip haha!