Sunday, July 3, 2016

It takes a village to raise a blog!

I am very excited to premiere my new Better Beaters logo. I had sketched out some ideas on paper, but it took the technical skills of my Daughter to make my vision a reality. Then she added the logo and byline to the top of my blog page. I like the idea of a logo, as it  gives my site a distinct identity. I plan on using my logo on business cards and making decals to go on my car's rear window.

Another symbol of my identity is the spoked wheel that makes up my avatar. I have used this image for many years to identify myself while posting on other sites. I can take more credit for this. This is the combination of a 1977 Buick Riviera 15' wire  spoked hubcap on an extra steel wheel  from my 1967 Riviera. The wide whitewall was created by masking and spraying white primer on the tire sidewall. I got this idea from the British custom car magazine "Rolls and Pleats". White primer really sticks and stays amazingly white. I had used the technique of having narrow whitewalls "buffed" which required a lot of grinding and clouds of rubber dust. You are also limited in the width of the whitewall. No limitations with primer! I posed the wheel in the overgrown ivy in my backyard and snapped the photo.

My web name of Rivguy is pretty self explanatory. I was really into Rivieras. When I developed an interest in Mustangs I chose the label of "Stang Daddy '54", some things are better left in the past!

My daughter also developed one of the logos that I used with my previous used parts enterprise; DelgaSpeed. She turned my ideas into reality. A ghost image of a Datsun 240Z is overlaid the by the company name script.

While I am thanking my wonderful helpers the most credit should go to my wife. She has guided and directed me through this digital wilderness and I depend on her to straighten out the daily problems that I run into. I thank her for her time and patience.

I also want to thank my son and his girlfriend for giving me a new camera on Father's day. I have needed one since I accidentally ruined the camera that my wife had given me. I look forward to adding my own photographic content in the future.

I enjoy the opportunity to share my ideas and musings with anyone that drops in. I hope to improve the quality and content in the months to come.


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