Saturday, November 26, 2016

Abandon Hope all who enter here: Part II.

                                photo source: discount garage

It has taken a lot longer to clean out the garage than I thought. The way I had the garage set up gave one half to my wife for storage of her art supplies and "stuff". At least initially. By the time I'm finished I'll have the use of about two-thirds of a two car garage. We'll see if that is enough.

I test fitted my '96 Mustang into the space and it looks like with a little more massaging I'll be able to get the Jag in there. Of course I'll now have my side yard empty and some things like the lawn mower will go back out there. If I had started this project earlier in the year I could have stored a lot of stuff in the sideyard, then just thrown a couple of tarps over everything without concern about water damage. I have a couple of small garden storage sheds along side the house. These could be useful for a lot of stuff that is usually taking up space in the garage . It's amazing how much space rakes and leaf blowers, string trimmers, shovels,pruners and such can consume. I would put this in the sheds but right now it's serving as the final resting space for my swap meet business.

I haven't gone to a swap meet as a vendor in a very long time. I've sold out all my good stuff, then very brutally culled through remaining inventory. Now there are just a some crates full of the parts that didn't sell very well in the first place. I used to have all my stuff in a public storage space. Pay rent for a couple of years and you can see why I warn everyone away from these spaces. But now I'm back. Hopefully for only a short time. Truth be told there is a lot of stuff that should never come back. Sell, donate, or finally toss. If it was only that easy!

I decided that I would do some work on my '96 Mustang first. It's in pretty good shape but it's developed some stiffness in the steering which I believe is from worn ball joints. It's easier to replace the entire lower suspension arm instead of having the individual ball joints replaced.

The paint has a faded spot on the left rear quarter, right behind the door and the top of the rear bumper is pretty weathered also. The car only has a couple of very minor dings. A fresh coat of paint would really spruce things up. Below is one of those coupons that I mentioned awhile back. This is the same level of paint that I got for my '70 Mustang. This is about the cheapest complete paint job that you can find. Back in the day you could get an Earl Scheib paint job for 19.99 at one time (late 1960's). When I took my '66 F250 and '73 240Z  to Earl, the paint job had already gone up to 499.00 In today's dollars this isn't a bad deal.
Check out this website, Almost Everything Automotive, Fremont Ca. They have an extensive file of before and after photos of cars they have painted. My '70 Mustang is in that file, but you've already seen those pictures.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, there will be a lull in the action around the house until Christmas is here. Time to get moving again.

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